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The Mountains Among Us
Artist: Volcano the Bear
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: mt200
Status: in stock
Price: $15.00

Edition of 500  copies in a full color book bound cd case. This year sees the eruption of the Volcano with a myriad of releases leaving the town folk covered in a fine and mysterious silt of musical entropy. The limited release of... (More Info. Here)

The Shy Volcanic Society At The Bear And Bird Parade
Artist: Volcano The Bear/La STPO
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: mt222
Status: in stock
Price: $10.00

A split album with Volcano the Bear and La STPO. VTB tracks 1-5 and STPO tracks 6-9. Bears and Birds, oh my! One side keeps the hot hot. And the other keeps the weird weird. VTB’s typically atypical entomological set scratches like a hive that... (More Info. Here)

Longjing (Drone Compendium Five)
Artist: Whisper Room
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records
Format: LP
Catalogue Number: mt253
Status: Pre order
Price: $25.00

First LP to start shipping late Feb. 2015. Vinyl editions of 200 copies with the subscriber editions limited to 150 copies on 180 gram vinyl and custom made book bound sleeves and signed and numbered certificate for the bonus 7th subscriber LP. More Info. Here)